Sa, 04.06.2022, 18:00 Uhr

blurred edges – Reflecting is not concluded

Reflecting is not concluded

Teresa Hoffmann and Trinidad Martínez: movement,dance Leonid Kharlamov and Marc Pira: sound, music In a kind of hallway people are constantly passing and sharing their current states and problems. I feel like a stone in the water, where everything touches me in passing, like a passive participant in a stream of happenings. If I were just a reflection of the input, I would mirror everything without absorbing it. Where am I at the moment? I feel almost too comfortable in my daily life, discovering the satisfaction of baking a cake, of seeing the windows finally clean, of re-discovering the spaces of my ex-roomate. Excited about waking up tomorrow and having a long meditation session, craving a long writing session. Living in limbo - not reflecting enough, not being able to finish, always doing something without a sense of closure or conclusion. Conclu- ding feels one sided. Reflecting is not concluded. Reflecting is the art of receiving and giving back without keeping something just to yourself. Four performers practice the state of reflecting as a way to understand bodies as channels rather than sponges.

Eintritt: 8.- bis 20.- (sliding scale)
Ort: Atelier Clemencia Labin, Lerchenstraße 87