Do, 25.06.2009, 21:00 Uhr

SINK (Doom/Ambient aus Finnland) / HELENA GOUGH (Electronic music aus Berlin/Birminigham

SINK (Doom/Ambient aus Finnland) / HELENA GOUGH (Electronic music aus Berlin/Birminigham

SINK (Doom/Ambient aus Finnland) / HELENA GOUGH (Electronic music aus Berlin/Birminigham SINK (Doom/Ambient aus Finnland) "this band, that comes from the north of the north, finland (pori), released during last 2008 one of the most interesting and innovative albums about drone-dark-ambient music experimenting with dark atmospheric drones, minimal electronics and certain black metal vibes. sink are, with other finnish great band like the north sludge myth fleshpress (those have co-released the album in their own label), one of the most interesting acts coming from scandinavia about dark and experimental sounds."the process" album could be the perfect soundtrack for a night in the woods during the finnish winter... or just try to imagine the blackest sunno)) "disarmed" of heavy guitars, jamming with pansonic in these dark woods too....their live performances (those normally with many improvisated parts ) are considered a really cathartic and dark experience, and they have been choosen by the finnish band callisto for supporting them in the finnish tour for their last album. their first album is called "hexagon" u can download it from their website." HELENA GOUGH (Electronic music aus Berlin/Birminigham) "Her work involves the collection and manipulation of 'real-world' sound material and the exploration of its abstract properties. Each new sound piece is created by taking everything possible from the tiniest element - working to create something from nearly nothing. Her live sets are intended for dark spaces and involve recombining and improvising with her sound materials in order to create a unique environment for each new performance.Initially trained in violin and composition at the Royal Academy of Music, Junior Academy, Helena went on to complete a BMus at Birmingham University. She is now a regular live (laptop) performer, working under her own name for solo improvisations and also in frequent collaboration with Lee Patterson and Benedict Drew. She is a member of Migrant and Photon Hex, ensembles which include regulars Nicholas Bullen, Hilary Jeffery and Simon Mabbott (ex Napalm Death / Black Galaxy). She plays with the improvising quartet Shale, alongside percussionist Patrick Farmer, turntablist Daniel Jones and violinist Matt Milton. She also plays in a trio with cellist Bruno Guastalla and double bassist Dom Lash.As a workshop leader she is part of the Sonic Postcards Project, recently awarded the New Statesman New Media Award for Education and run by the Sonic Arts Network. The project brings environmental listening, sound recording and the creative use of audio editing software to young people across the country."

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