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chicago recordings - book release

chicago recordings - book release

book release - Freitag, 24. Juli 2009, 20:00 UhrTrottoirHamburger Hochstrasse 2420359 Hamburg / St. Pauli Chicago Recordings - Christoph RothmeierDuring my stay in Chicago Illinois/USA in 2007, I invited local sound-artists and musicians to meet me in an interview-like situation. I asked them to document our meeting by typing topics and ideas that occurred during our conversation into my computer (at least if they liked what occurred).with:Darrell FarleyLuis TubensQuinlan KirchnerPeter MargasakKeefe JacksonJason RoebkeJeb BishopShirazette TinninTimothy DaisySteven HessJaimie BranchBrian LabyczJason AjemianAdam SonderbergPermanent MidnightMarc RiordanAleks and the- DrummerDave MillerEric LeonardsonJake VinselJosh BermanMatthew GolombiskyShawn DeckerEspecially for these meetings, I had developed a custom-built software named “wamadaa”, meaning “Writing about music and dancing about architecture” (please imagine doing both at the same time).The software was designed to visualize the space of time that passes during the process of writing. A graphic code, fed by the computer’s available letter fonts, overlays the written text so that each letter received an additional time related connotation.Order, block, size and colour of the different letter fonts stand for a special duration referring to the last hit on the keyboard. The parameters of wamadaa are set to match a parcours over Chicago’s rooftops.The design of the software does not permit to rescroll the text and erase words or sentences, so that the process of creating the text resembles a live recording situation as it develops in a linear or flux-like direction. Comparable to a sequence of events in time, a sequence of letters is “recorded”. In a musical way of thinking, these text recordings differ from a usual text in the way improvised music differs from a notated composition. Which makes every little accident in terms of language get embraced - with a warm welcome - by the qualities of an immediate play.Each author’s personal way of using the keyboard results in a distinguishable graphic pattern overlaying the text recording: a portrait of finger movements.Personal micro-rhythms in the range of milliseconds represent a “musical” notation of physiological and psychological impulses. Thus elements in the interplay of thinking, writing, pausing and leaving the text to resume the conversation become readable in the text.

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