Fr, 05.11.2010, 14:30 Uhr

Co-ME-DI-A Showcase

HfMT Hamburg Foyer wewalktogether (Live Broadcast) – Rui Chaves wewalktogether is a mobile broadcast piece for 3 performers in three different cities: Graz, Hamburg, Belfast. Each performer will walk and broadcast through their city equipped with a mobile device and custom developed software. This exploration is the result of a series of notes and timed instructions sent to the performers during the month of October 2010 in order to enable each of them to create a path that explores different soundscapes, but also specific situations that are enhanced through on the spot perception of space. The presentation will focus on exposing the process of discovery, of personal mapping and the idea of transmission while enabling us to hear each broadcast simultaneously. This situation is used as a catalyst to identify the similarities and differences of what makes up the sonic identity of a city. The software (liveshout) was developed in collaboration with Ecliptic Labs and with support of the CoMeDia project.

Eintritt: Frei
Ort: Hochschule für Musik und Theater | Harvestehuder Weg 12 (Eingang: Milchstraße)