Mi, 17.11.2010, 21:00 Uhr

Radio Gagarin Festival

THE RITA (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada) Sam McKinlay The Rita, a sound art project by Sam McKinlay, practices in the media arts audio genre termed as ‘harsh noise’. The Rita’s first recorded document was released in 1996 and has participated in live audio performances since 2002. Many of McKinlay’s international audio CD, LP, cassettes, and live performances are also under his sound art moniker The Rita. The genre of ‘harsh noise’ is a part of the world of academic experimental sound and performance with the use of various live and pre- recorded analog sources, distortion pedals, large amplifiers, and sometimes visuals. The Rita’s live audio sets are characterized as being very loud, abrasive, textural, dynamic, and visceral as the live shows and recorded documents are powerful examples of the possibilities of abstracted sound and its effect on the listeners http://bakurita.blogspot.comOscillating Innards (Portland, Oregon, USA)Gordon AshworthThe dynamic live sets of Oscillating Innards consist of visceral electro-acoustic noise, textural collages of tape manipulation, and overwhelmingly cathartic vocal and physical presence. Performances and audio documents have often used acoustic objects in unusual but highly effective manners, i.e. an entire car door and bumper, a metal file cabinet, a boat propeller, a prepared piano, a power drill and broken cymbals. Use of such objects lends to a form a physical, concrete parallel to the aural impressionism.

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Ort: Hörbar | Brigittenstr. 5