So, 20.11.2011, 21:00 Uhr

NIOBE ( + Nikacis + Superdefekt)

NIOBE ( + Nikacis + Superdefekt)

Sonntags Musik Fetischisten Ohren Charakter Niobe is the brainchild of Yvonne Cornelius, and her debut, Radioersatz, was a mysterious and surreal journey full of peculiar sounds, colourful arrangements and unusual vocals. In addition to producing this music, Cornelius also performs all of the vocal tracks. Her vocals are often filtered, sounding as if they were recorded usingold or cheap microphones, and the words are often cryptic and defy easy interpretation, acting more as textures than as signs. Her vocal style is built around "tongue sounds"; her voice wavers and quivers, contributing to an atmosphere of uneasy enchantment present throughout these songs. The instrumental arrangements, which open up in broad sweeps, are also inventive and unpredictable. Surprising sounds interrupt the flow of some unusual rhythms, synthesized, live or sampled instrumentation. From the rhythm of some very jolly bass bubbles in the first track to a mellow acoustic guitar loop in the closing number, Niobe takes you on a strange and dreamlike voyage with her unique and inventive sound. Yvonne Cornelius was born in Frankfurt and has been living in Cologne since 1994. For over a decade she has developed a uniquely individual approach to electronic production, as well as a style of singing ranging from diva-esque acrobatics to comic excess. Concerts in Mexico City, at Berlin's Volksbuehne or the Batofar in Paris have already exposed her to an international audience. Niobe will release her 6th solo album in september on Tomlab rec.The album features the turntablist Marc Matter (from Institut Fuer Feinmotorik) and the jazz drummer Christian Thomè (also collaborator of Markus Stockhausen). Matter and Thomè will join Niobe on her live shows too.

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