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Radio Gagarin Konzert

Radio Gagarin Konzert

Benjamin Laurent Aman is a french artist born in Rouen in 1981, graduated from Nancy Academy of Fine Arts in 2004. His work refers most of the time to his immediate environment and the materials that surrounds him. Through different medias : drawings, installations, sound, writings, actions, recordings, BLA constructs a work combining a physical, a mental and an emotional approach with a minimalist formal vocabulary. Operating by collages, space shifts, Aman proposes entropic places where reflexions and life are ordered, wanting to address himself to each visitor in his intimate relationship with time and space.His work has been shown in numerous french and international group exhibitions (Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, CAC Nei Liicht, Selasar Sunaryo Museum in Bandung, Poirel Gallery in Nancy) and solo ones (Styx Projects and Able Kulturverein in Berlin, Projektwerkstatt in Leipzig). Since 2007, BLA has carried out more than 100 performances and toured all over Europe. He was invited to many radio shows, among them Epsilonia in Paris, The Wire on Air on Resonance FM in London and has performed at the 10th Berlin Biennale, Transmediale X and Club Transmediale (CTM) in Berlin and Nu Substance, Indonesia. Part of french/american duo Crystal Plumage, he has released over 30 records in the field of drone, minimal music, noise and musique concrète on labels such as No-Fi, Recordings for the Summer, Nothing Out There and his own imprint Razzle Dazzle. Since 2009, he's a contributor for french trimestrial magazine Revue et Corrigée.Linkshttp://www.benjaminlaurentaman.comén Patiño aka Pato, Barcelona (1979).Works in the field of Computer Music, blending hyper energetic algorithmic composition and non related topics.He has performed several solo performances in Europe. As well as collaborations with Olivier Di Placido, Seiji Morimoto and inside EVOL, a computer music cell leaded by Roc Jiménez de Cisneros.With releases in labels like Le Petit Mignon, Razzle Dazzle or Free Software Series among others.After living for more than 6 years in Berlin, Rubén is currently doing a Master´s in Sonology in The Hague and living in RotterdamLinkshttp://www.patooo.net

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