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Frequenzgänge #21

Frequenzgänge #21

Jack Wright – saxophones, Easton PAAndrew Drury – percussion, Brooklyn, NYJack Wright and Andrew Drury have been musical partners for ten years, often joining with others and playing regularly in New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and elsewhere in the Eastern U.S. In 2007 they toured the former Yugoslavia together, performing and giving workshops in Zagreb (N.O. Jazz Festival), Ljubljana (Metelkova), Sarajevo (Collegium Musicum), Mostar, and Travnik. The core of this duo is the depth and originality of the individual voices combined with their intense listening and commitment to the present moment. It is intimate music, though often raucous, and always adventurous. And it is executed with minimal materials—a couple saxophones and usually, instead of a full drum set, just a floor tom and some percussion accoutrements.Wright is a somewhat underground figure in the U.S., at the same time legendary for giving revelatory performances that reach both experienced listeners and people unaccustomed to free improvisation. He has been crossing the continent since the 80s inspiring dozens of musicians to take up improvisation; he tours Europe as well and brings back his favorite players to play with in the states. His lexicon of extended techniques and his odd ways of constructing phrases out of texture and pitch merit a prominent place in a tradition of saxophone innovation. For more information go to works some kind of promethean magic on a floor tom, using it as a stage for a theater of small objects that he charms into producing amazing sounds. Scraping the drum head, bowing metal on it, blowing directly with his lips on the shell of the floor tom, he turns the drum into an acoustic amplifier and filter, a string or wind instrument, often producing sounds associated more with electronics than percussion. And yet because of his physicality and the everyday character of the objects—dustpans, faucet parts, shish kabob skewers, etc.—and the speed and precision with which introduces and discards objects to his stage there is a theatrical quality (even humorous) to his performances. For more information go to http://www.andrewdrury.comAndrew toured in Poland in 2011, playing with Jason Kao Hwang’s EDGE at Scena na Pietrze (Poznan), Jazzclub Hipnoza (Katowice), and the Autumn Jazz Festival at Alchemia (Krakow). He played with Polish musicians at Pardon To Tu (Warszawa) and MOZG (Bydgoszcz) and later recorded a cd with the Polish trumpeter Tomasz Dambrowski and Canadian pianist Kris Davis.

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