So, 21.04.2013, 20:00 Uhr

Creative Improvised Music in the Gängeviertel

Creative Improvised Music in the Gängeviertel

DIE HOCHSTAPLER - The Braxtornette Project Pierre Borel - alto saxophone Louis Laurain - trumpet Antonio Borghini - double bass Hannes Lingens - drums Die Hochstapler means something like the impostors. In this project, we work on twogreat american composers, Anthony Braxton and Ornette Coleman, who both have arevolutionary vision of music, musicology, philosophy, life; We are using their compositionsand their concepts to create our music; we do not copy them, we steal them, we re-structurate their ideas according to ours, exploring a labyrinth of notes and thoughts andimprovisation, questioning the music sheets as a flexible material to arrive at our own music.A recording of this project in four parts is scheduled for release on Umlaut Records in the endof 2013.Die Hochstapler appeared in festivals like Kollektiv Nights, Jazz an der Lohmuehle, Hagenfestenand continue to tour Europe. mit freundliche Unterstützung des VAMH

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Ort: Fabrique im Gängeviertel | Valentinskamp 34a (Zugang von der Speckstraße)