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Reciprocal Uncles with John Hughes

Reciprocal Uncles with John Hughes

RECIPROCAL UNCLES Gianni Mimmo : soprano sax Gianni Lenoci : piano Cristiano Calcagnile : drums + John Hughes : double bass Contemporary avant-jazz/experimental music background and extended instrumental skills give a rich nuance palette, a multi-faceted idea of music and vivid listening experience. How sparkling the relationship is between musicians that share intentions, derivations, and approaches. They all view sound as plastic matter to sculpt. Gianni Mimmo Gianni plays soprano sax and composes in the fields of jazz and experimental music since the 70’s in his own original projects with highly disparate groups working on relationship between music-text and music-image. The treatment of musical timbre and of advanced techniques on the soprano sax, to which he has monastically dedicated himself, have become the distinguishing features of his style. His work mainly focuses in relationships among distances, essentiality, sincerity and his productions have been excellently reviewed by international magazines and webzines. Cristiano Calcagnile Christian is a drummer and percussionist mainly involved in experimental music and interested in connections among arts and musical languages. He is a member of Bologna based Bassesfere collective ( and is involved in musical partnerships with creative musicians from different areas such asDamo Suzuky, Tristan Honsinger; Daniele D’Agaro; and the Rova Saxophone Quartet. Gianni Lenoci Gianni has a diploma in piano from Conservatorio S. Cecilia, Rome;in electronic music from Conservatorio N. Piccinni and has studied jazz and improvisation with Mal Waldron and Paul Bley. He has collaborated and recorded with Steve Lacy, Joelle Leandre, Harold Land, Enrico Rava, Paul Lovens, Don Moye, Han Bennink, Bill Elgart, Markus Stockhausen,Steve Potts, Carlos Zingaro,John Tchicai, Kent Carter,William Parker,David Murray, John Tchicai, and Roscoe Mitchell. John Hughes John composes for and performs with the piano trio „Hosho“ and leads the octet „Rocket No.9“, a group of musicians who play original arrangements of Sun Ra compositions. John also plays in the bands Os Besouros, HSW trio, Tripwire, Piho Hupo, Deep Space X, Eisenrot, and Mobile. In addition to perfoming, John has been organizing concerts and series for free improvisation since his arrival in Hamburg in 1998.

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