Sa, 24.06.2006, 21:00 Uhr

h7-club für improvisierte musik mit Rosi Hertlein u.a.

blinzelbar - große bergstr. 158special guest from new york: Rosi Hertlein - violin, voicesolo und mit: Rolf Bader - akust.git./ Dirk Achim Dhonau - perc./ Nicola Kruse - viol./ Heiner Metzger - sax, clar., synth./ Krischa Weber - celloim Anschluß Filme - zur Auswahl: Zwei Filme, die Rosi aus den Staaten mitbringt, Oberons Asyl 2, und das legendäre Tafelkonzert bei "Vom Tisch zur Tafel." (18.6.05)Rosi Hertlein's musical background is divided equally between the worlds of improvisation and contemporary classical. She began serious study of both violin and piano in the late 70's, before switching her focus to violin and vocals in the 80's. She took a degree in Sociology in 1989, subsequently traveling to Ghana to study the links between society and music in Western Africa. After returning to Germany, she started teaching and working as a composer, violinist, singer and percussionist in a variety of settings. She continued to study during this period, doing workshops with such musicians as AMM's Keith Rowe and violinist Malcolm Goldstein. Her work in recent years includes collaborations with multiinstrumentalists Joe McPhee, Daniel Carter, ensemble works with composer Pauline Oliveros; singer with The Riverside Inspirational Choir of New York City -concerts with Reggie Workman's African-American Legacy Project; violinist with the Richmond County Orchestra; theatrical shows with DADAnewyork. Her CD "TWO LETTERS I'LL KEEP"- Rosi Hertlein's Improvising Chamber Ensemble (ICE) with Howard Johnson, Dave Taylor, Vincent Chancey, Jay Rosen, Charlie Burnham and herself got released in Nov 2001 on CIMP Jazz records.

Ort: Blinzelbar