Fr, 25.08.2006, 21:00 Uhr


Margriet van Eekelen (NL):Studied audiovisual arts and Interfaculty Sound and Image in Den Haag (NL).Former noise-dj at underground parties in Holland, Germany, England and Spain.Started in '99 with making own feedback-machines and gave concerts with themmostly on festivals (Robodock Amsterdam, Cultuurnacht Den Haag and MSStubnitz).Since '04 busy with pneumatic installations to make music with (on festivals like Planetart Gogbot in Enschede, Art Energy in Breda and of course MS Stubnitz).Interested in making unusual connections on technical borders and playingself-made installations as an instrument to find new combinations of sounds and experiences.PNEUMA-TIX:Living sculpture annex noise-machine consisting of white airtubes, turning and jumping around in an unpredictable way plus big monumental airpressurecylinders making own movings and beats with amplified airpressure sounds.All triggered by computer and shined by blacklight.A pneumatic / electronical concert playing with moving back and forward: to and away from reality. From real pneumatic noise to virtual digital noiselayers out of a computer. Both live composed and connected to each other.Zudem spielen noch:John Hughes / KontrabassLars Scherzberg / Altsaxophon Nicolas Wiese / Elektroakustikrobert marquardt,2003 durch karkovski inspiriert und einer abneigunggegen u-musik. leute was soll ich schreiben...verschiedene auftritte in riga, amsterdam, rotterdam und rostock, binan kein label gebunden und zwei cds draussen. einmal einen sampler miteinem amerikanischen projekt,-aatmaa- und eine eigene "variations ofsurroundings".

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