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Eröffnung und performances: Radikal Unsichtbar ACT 1: VOICENSE

Eröffnung und performances: Radikal Unsichtbar ACT 1: VOICENSE

PERFORMANCES: The participants at the workshop "Voicense". EXHIBITION: Tomma Brook and Anna Mieves SOUND INSTALLATION: Louise Vind Nielsen and Julia Bonn BOOK RELEASE: "Radikal Unsichtbar - Centre for Collective Learning and Radical Listening" Bring cash if you want to buy a book or a drink. Please notice: We will start on time. OPENING/PERFORMANCES: Friday March 27th, 20.00 - 22.00 Exhibition: Sat - Sunday March 28 - 29th, 12.00 -17.00 ARTIST TALK / PUBLIC LECTURE: Tuesday March 24th, 18.00 - 21.00 ____________________________ Radikal Unsichtbar is a series of public workshops, lectures, writings and collective exhibitions focussing on contemporary sound art. Radikal Unsichtbar will consist of six ACTS, each ACT having a different topic. Central for every ACT is a workshop conducted by sound- and radio artists from Scandinavia. The collective workshop process will be exhibited among related works by local artists. Radikal Unsichtbar will take place in Raum Links­rechts in Gängeviertel, Hamburg throughout 2015-16. Radikal Unsichtbar is curated and facilitated by the Danish sound artist Louise Vind Nielsen.

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Ort: Gängeviertel | Caffamacherreihe / Ecke Valentinskamp