Fr, 08.04.2016, 20:00 Uhr

Rauschmelder 5: Ed Williams / Anouk Genthon + Jojo Defek Quartett

Ed Williams is a British guitarist and composer active in the experimental music scene in Marseille, France. His approach to improvisation follows on from his training in Classical music theory and electroacoustic composition. Anouck Genthon is a French violinist and ethnomusicologist involved in the improvised music scene in an approach particularly sensitive to sound.Enriched by her double stance as musician and researcher, she guides her ear by improvised gestures around the surrounding sound-environment. AND: We are a duo based in France comprising Anouck Genthon (violin) and Ed Williams (guitars).We communicate with each other through a language of sonic gestures and musical exploration.We probe silence and all that comes out of it. Jojo Defek Quartett spielt Free Jazz so unmittelbar wie zur Zeit der Entstehung dieser höchst kommunikativen Musik in den 60 iger Jahren des 2oigsten Jahrhunderts. Sehr avantgardistisch, mit allergrößter Spielfreude. Felix Mayer - Posaune Rolf Pifnitzka - Saxophone, Vocal Pia Abzieher -- Keyboard Sebastion Oest - Schlagzeug

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