Fr, 27.10.2006, 21:00 Uhr

Das Hörbarfestival im Oktober

Die Hörbar veranstaltet in diesem Jahr am 27. und 28. Oktober ein zweitägiges Festival mit Hamburger und Internationalen Künstlern.THEMBI SODDELL & ANTHEA CADDY(Australien)is a sound artist from Melbourne, Australia. Her work lays deeply routed in the density and complexity of ones emotional world. Drawing inspiration from dreams and personal psychology, she works primarily with the sampler to manipulate and abstract the external world into both a vicious and alluring sonic experience. With a focus on texture and depth, she plays with the extremes of dynamics, pushing the threshold of both silence and noise, toying with the listeners sense of expectation.Her compositional style has a distinct, highly stylised edge, rigid and concisely constructed, at times referential of electroacoustic and classical composition, whilst adding elements of sheer noise and musique concrete. She does work for CD, gallery installation, and live performance, and has recently formed a collaborative duo with cellist, Anthea Caddy, who will be touring Europe from October 2006. She is a graduate with honours in sound art from RMIT's Fine Art Department. She also assists in running the Australian experimental music label, Cajid Media.9KHZ (Hamburg/Berlin)boris d hegenbart, ElektronikSascha Demand, e-GitarreNOISE FACTORYAn diesem Abend werden die Ergebnisse der Noise-Factory dargeboten.Auch in diesem Jahr zwischen dem 18.und 25. Oktober wieder die Noise-Factory statt. Wie in jedem Jahr treffen sich dort unterschiedliche Musiker aus den Bereichen industrial- und experimenteller Musik in einem Haus in Karze (einem sehr schönen Elbdörfchen) zum gemeinsamen Musizieren und. Weitere Informationen für Interessenten findet man unter:

Ort: Hörbar | Brigittenstr. 5