Mi, 04.10.2006, 21:00 Uhr

h7-club mit john hughes,chad popple, ed rodriguez

John Hughes - kontrabass Chad Popple - drums, perc., vibes Ed Rodriguez (usa) - e-git, efx, piano Chad Popple und Ed Rodriguez (Gorge Trio, Flying Lutterbachers, u.a.): Gorge Trio is that worrisome self-organizing future intelligence that scifi blockbusters caution us about. Meticulously constructed over a three-year period, Open Mouth, O Wisp is Gorge Trio's magnum opus - like a Tetsuo polymorph fun party, absent the agony and booked on the ecstatic. Dense brambles of sound, electrifying liquidity shooting thru arterial sluices of baroque cognition. John Hughes: John Hughes is an active member of the jazz andimprovisation community in Hamburg, performing regularly both in Hamburg and in Germany. John has worked with numerous groups and projects, dancers, poets, artists and light technicians. In Nov. 2004, John curated the first, annual "Phenomorphonic" festival in the Christianskirche, Hamburg.

Ort: Blinzelbar