Do, 28.12.2017, 22:00 Uhr

23. Hörbar-Ausklangfestival

23. Hörbar-Ausklangfestival

Enema Syringe (Schweden) Enema Syringe was formed in the summer of 1985 by me, Kai Parviainen and Mats Lundberg. Mats and I only recorded two songstogether of which one was released on the Unweiled compilation tape. All songs were recorded on two channels with no mixingpossible. The instruments and recording equipment was a Marantz amplifier and tape deck, Prophet one, Casio rz1 drum machine,Casio toy synth, an old rhythm box and vocals through headphones or some crappy microphone. The Dead Mauriacs (Frankreich) The Dead Mauriacs are Olivier Prieur’s art and music project. Mainly a solo act it becomes sometimes a collective with the add of nice and lovely people such as Susan Matthews, Vincent Domeyne, Thorsten Soltau, Jan Warnke, Michael Esposito…The Dead Mauriacs’ music is a journey into post-industrial landscapes, non-sensical radioplay, concrete exotica, ballardian dystopia : a joyful nightmare. Air Cushion Finish (Berlin) Offering something akin to inserting a tape head in your nasal cavity and running a spool across it and thru your ears, Air Cushion Finish’s Flink is a marvellously trippy, poetic session of jayrope’s small sound collage composition and impressionistic, wordless singing from “natural vocal synthesiser”, Lippstueck.Formed in Berlin 2007, the pairing have previously issued a pair of albums thru hamburg house of weird, Hafenschlamm Rekords, and, at the behest of GY!BE, they recorded this, their 4th album with Thierry Amar at Montreal’s renowned Hotel2Tango studio in 2014. Flink was the result of those sessions, an immersively psychedelic (sweet, rather than head-frying) world unto themselves, sensitively placing Lippstueck’s flighty vox - which range from Schwitters-esque gibber to avian and ecclesiastical runs - drifting around the centre of a sound sphere pieced together from intricately laced rhythmic mechanisms, reverberant dub basses and insectoid blues.

Ort: Hörbar | Brigittenstr. 5