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sonopol#0006 + Underdog Gallery

sonopol#0006 + Underdog Gallery

Sonopol #0006 XOVER, Mike Meanstreetz, Failings Danilo Casti Danilo Casti is an electroacustic musician and composer born in Cagliari (Sardinia island,Italy). He's been present in the Italian electronic music scene since 2000, starting his music career with hardcore punk, moving to noise-drone, glitch, acousmatic and electroacustic music. His music research ranges from experimental theatre, to contemporary dance, video and multimedia installation. Over the years he has developed an interest in real time composition methodologies. He has collaborated with several artists and he performed at various festivals of electronic music, theatre and dance all around Europe, USA, Japan and South East Asia. He is one of the founders of the performance group OOFFOURO. In 2003 he organised the festival EnToPan at the Foundry in London and Multiversal EXP-OFF festival in Cagliari. Mike Meanstreetz MMz is a multimedia artist with work both seeding new genres, and reaping the fallen fruit of old ones. As such, his non-traditional craft swears allegiance to none. His atonal music, sculpture, video, painting, and dress rarely appear in the singular, most often materializing in a tangle of synaesthesia. Failings is an American experimental rock band, led by multi-instrumentalist Ian Hawk working in the field of repetitive rock music, minimalism and drone. Formed in 2012 in Portland OR originally as a solo project, Failings has since become a collaborative effort involving a multitude of musicians and performers. Past releases include a split LP with Amps for Christ on Insulin Addicted Records and a track on ADAADATs compilation vol 4. The current line up consists of Colby Dean of Divers. Failings is currently writing its first full length record and is set to record January 2017 with the assistance of producer Billy Anderson.Ian Hawk is a Portland OR based artist primarily working in the feild of drone and rock music. Past credits and collaborations include bass guitar in Tecumseh (2005-current), a guitar based drone group with releases on AnarchyMoon, Important, Beta Lactam-Ring, Black Horizons, Anti-Matter and Midera Records. Auto Preist (unreleased) short film directed by Gib Edleman, music by Ian Hawk with Angel Olsen, Nick Zedd among others. F/H/D Fox Hawk Druss, a long distance collaboration via email between Greg Fox (Liturgy, Z’s, Guardian Alien.) and Garek Druss (Saint Genet, Tecumseh, A Story of Rats.) release date TBA. Underdog Gallery is opening: Kourosh Momeni: Der Iltis präsentiert: EINHUNDERT – 100 Wegbeschreibung unter:

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