Di, 27.11.2018, 19:00 Uhr

Sarram (A/V Ambient aus Sardinien) & TBC_Czepoks (Psych Noise Improv/HH)

Sarram (A/V Ambient aus Sardinien) & TBC_Czepoks (Psych Noise Improv/HH)

koefte foftein spiralen presents eine raumnahme mit: 1. Sarram (I) -experimental ambient drone A/V- S A R R A M is the solo project of the sardinian Valerio Marras which combines elements of drone, ambient, postrock music. The debut album "A Bolu, in C" (Talk About Records, 2017) of this ambient musician coming from Nuoro (Sardinia) is composed by a one side - everlasting track - of 37 minutes all played by one guitar that improvises an harmonic journey moving through the exploration of different scales, surrounded by an electric, ethereal drone soundscape. The new record “Four Movements Of A Shade” (Midira Records, 2018) features four haunting tracks, that move through different genres like drone, ambient, doom and somehow minimal post-rock, played with just a guitar and some synths. The result turned out to be as a very dark and intense sound journey. Also guitar player of Thank U For Smoking and Charun band - both active in the european instrumental scene - he played all over Europe, sharing the stage - among the others - with Killing Joke, Scott Kelly (Neurosis), The Dillinger Escape Plan, Russian Circles, This Will Destroy You. Alessandro Cortini (Nine Inch Nails) and many others including appearances at festivals such as Dunk!Festival in Belgium and We are a Young Team in France, Karel Music Expo in Italy, Spazio musica project in Cagliari (K. Stockhausen, I. Xenakis, T. Riley) collaborations with MAN museum and Ciusa Museum in Nuoro, Luca T. Mai (ZU), Thisquietarmy (Canada), Quadratino Pericoloso (videofactory). He released albums for Third I rex (UK), Subsound Records (IT), Dunk! Records (BE), Talk About records (CA), Cave Canem (IT), As above so below recs (DE). The new album will be out November 23rd for the german - drone/ambient/experimental label - Midira Records.The full concert will be an Audio-Visual experience and it will be fully supported by the visual artist Claudio Spanu of Nubifilm Studio. 2. TBC_Czepoks -psychedelic noise improv- TBC_Czepoks machen Ethnoindustrial unter der Einbeziehung von akustischen Instrumenten aus allen Regionen der Welt. Dazu wird ein Mix durch Studioeffekten und Elektronik eine Improvisation angestrebt, die manchmal für die Beteiligten selber überraschend ist. Es gibt keine feste Form der Darbietung, alles ist im Fluß und situationsabhängig. Veröffentlicht wurden bisher einige CDs auf dem TBC eigenen Wachsender Prozess Label. Hörproben unter: Offen ab Sieben, Konzertbeginn Acht oder Viertel nach Acht.So. Schute, im Veringkanal vor der Honigfabrik, Industriestrasse 125-131, 21107 Hamburg come early, consume early, pass early!

Ort: Schute | Industriestrasse 125-131