So, 16.06.2019, 19:00 Uhr

reConvert Project - Phasing Bug Sequences (ESP) Ein Konzert im Rahmen des blurred edges Festivals

reConvert Project - Phasing Bug Sequences (ESP) Ein Konzert im Rahmen des blurred edges Festivals

Ein Konzert im Rahmen des blurred edges Festivals doors open at 7 p.m. concert starts at 8 p.m. entrance: 8€ / 5€ students reConvert was born as a natural extension of the percussion repertoire of the last seventy years, to become a seal of identity that rejects generic definitions and bets on a continuous work between different artists (composers and performers) in which the questioning of the dogmas of the academy is in the foreground. The duo consists of Lorenzo Colombo and Roberto Maqueda that have actively worked with composers such as Georges Aperghis, Simon Steen Andersen, Michael Maierhof, Daniel Ott, Marko Ciciliani, Luciano Azzigotti, and premiered over a dozen works written for training of emerging young composers. This concert will be a composer-performer collaboration with violinist and multimedia artist Pedro González. Phasing Bug Sequences is a multimedia project for percussion duo, movement, interactive lighting, video and electronic media of approximately 45 minutes duration. It is divided into 4 sections exploring different approaches to the relationship between the body, technology and sound in the context of the latest research on socSMCs in the field of social neuroscience. * Lorenzo Colombo Lorenzo Colombo is a percussionist and performer dedicated to researching and promoting new music he is collaborating with the contemporary music ensembles Divertimento Ensemble , MDI ensemble, Athelas Sinfonietta Copenhagen, Sentieri selvage. He has been identified as a promising young performer by the Ulysses. As well he has performed in several festivals, (including the “Manifeste 2016” IRCAM Paris, Warsaw Autumn Festival 2014, Darmstadt Summer Courses 2014, “Biennale Musica 2016” Venice , Gaudeamus Muziekweek 2017, ” Klang Festival 2016” in Copenhagen, “Rondó Divertimento Ensemble”, MI.TO, Milano Musica,) playing both soloist and chamber music. * Roberto Maqueda Heterodox percussionist interested in avant-garde art, new forms of communication as well as their implementation in the sound-musical creation of our time. Formed by Christian Dierstein and Fred Frith. He currently follows the advices of Håkon Stene. His main projects are the duo reConvert project, the recent y-band, where he proposes an aesthetic and conceptual review of the current panorama of musical creation. He is also the artistic co-director of the nomadic music platform CONTAINER. In addition he carries out an ongoing work with composers such as Simon Steen-Andersen, Michael Maierhof (among others); for the development of new repertoire that questions the established limits of percussion, included in his project [expandING_percussion], awarded with the Young Creation Award 2017 of INJUVE.* Pedro González Fernandez Active in different disciplines within the field of contemporary art, such as multimedia composition, interactive animation, and transdisciplinary scientific-artistic research. Pedro combines performance with video-installation, dance, theater and the use of new technologies applied to stage creation. His works have been presented at various international festivals, such as Internationales Musikfest Hamburg (Elbphilarmonie) International Computer Music Conference, Sound & Music Computing Conference, GRAME- centre national de création musicale, Zither auf Zeche, Next generation-ZKM, Anachronisms, Impuls Festival Akademie, or Manifeste-Ircam, in various countries such as China, Germany, Estonia, Russia, Sweden, France, Netherlands and Spain. Currently, he is pursuing a doctorate in artistic research at the HfMT in Hamburg, working on designing interactive sound systems for the SocSMCs project, funded by a Horizon 2020 grant from the European Union, at the Medical University of Hamburg (Department of Neuro- and Pathophysiology- UKE Hamburg) and works as a freelance composer and violinist.

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