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Mark Morgan [AvntGtr]& Gaute Granli [BzrGtr]& Jannis Wichmann [ClsGtr]

Mark Morgan [AvntGtr]& Gaute Granli [BzrGtr]& Jannis Wichmann [ClsGtr]

19 Uhr Bar offen19.30 LIVE - Jannis Wichmann20 Uhr LIVE - Gaute Granli21 Uhr LIVE - Mark Morgan22 Uhr DJ offenHERZLICHEN DANK AN DEN VAMH :-)Mark Charles Morgan is most well known as the guitarist and singer of Sightings, a New York City based avant rock band which existed from 1998 to 2013. The band was sometimes accused of exploring the outer reaches of sound in a traditional three piece rock format by the Wire, Village Voice and Pitchfork among others. They released 10 full length albums on the labels Load, Ecstatic Peace, Fusetron and Dais in addition to a few 7" singles. They extensively toured the US, Canada, Europe and Japan. Morgan also collaborated with No Neck Blues Band member Pat Murano in Key of Shame (they released two separate albums on Italian labels Planam and Holidays) and Thurston Moore and Bill Nace in the guitar trio An Alien Heat. Morgan’s most recent release is his first solo guitar record Department of Heraldry released on Bill Nace’s Open Mouth label and has been reviewed in the Wire.PRESS:"98. Mark Morgan (Sightings) While pretty much every noise musician uses the guitar as a weapon of mass destruction, Mark Morgan of scuzz-worshippers Sightings uses his guitar for sheer negation. Playing in 50 shades of gray on found and borrowed pedals, the leader of this longtime Brooklyn noise band is quicker to sound like a vacuum humming, toilet flushing, or scrambled cable porn feed than Eric Clapton or even Thurston Moore; a unique sound that has all the emotion of punk, with none of its recognizable sounds. As he told the blog Thee Outernet: “Probably the biggest influences on my playing style is sheer f—king laziness and to a slightly lesser degree, a certain level of retardation in grasping basic guitar technique.”MUSIC: Valvatne Granli’s solo project has been his main musical output for the past five years where he explores a range of abstract and bizarre territories. He combines chanting, guitar, a range of effects with analog sampling and creates a dark and industrial sound. The music is freely improvised as well as composed. He's got two tape albums out here on Skussmaal: Velkommen til Forus and Ingen Potetsekk Whatsoever. His third solo album is an LP/CD called Animalskt, released in 2017 on Drid Machine Records and Unhinged. Drid Machine Records has also released a split vinyl with Gaute Granli and Clifford Torus. Wichmann (HH-Wilhelmsburg]

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