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Percussion / Drone / Digital Anarchopunk Einlass: 20:00 Uhr / Konzertbeginn: 21:00 Uhr +++++++++++++++++++++ Manisdron (Goat/Japan) Solo project of Takafumi Okada(drummer of THE NOUP, goat) from Japan. He uses voice, drums, synthesizers and composed electronic variations. Basically he integrates solid beat into electronic texture and creates hypnotic groove. Sometimes it feels like poly rhythmic, sometimes feels like hammer beat and these flow be spun as streamline in the live performance. Additionally one of his characteristic is reading inconsistent words, it's attempt for creating pseudo deja vu from fragments of language. In the past, he self-released 2 EPs as CD and cassette. He usually plays with his own band 'THE NOUP' as vocalist and drummer. It feels background of Post Punk, EBM and Krautrock from them sound, also they holds many events with inviting various bands to them hometown Okayama. Simultaneously also he has playing with experimental rhythmic group 'goat' since 2017. +++++++++++++++++++++ Femme 'Nonbinary Person, a bit strange but nice, plays Digital Anarchapunk using midi, virtual instruments, samples and tons of delay. anti -fascism -racism -sexism -homophobia, -transphobia, -patriarchy -religion -gema -rockstars -cops -fun pro -anarchism -diy -feminism -free culture -kink -weed -animal rights -slowness Bandcamp mit alten, nur noch so halb repräsentativen Livesets: Leere Bandcampseite auf der innerhalb der nächsten Wochen mein erstes echte Release erscheint: Vimeo mit nem aktuellen Liveset:

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