Mi, 26.02.2020, 20:00 Uhr

Sonopol#16: ABOUT ANGELS AND ANIMALS + TinTin Patrone

Sonopol#16: ABOUT ANGELS AND ANIMALS + TinTin Patrone

ABOUT ANGELS AND ANIMALS JAN KLARE alto & bass saxophone JULIUS GABRIEL  tenor & baritone saxophone  The duo of Jan Klare and Julius Gabriel is like no other. A brace of undulating ungulates, high flying heifers who paradoxically reside at the very core of the earth, they make beautiful music together on love-dancing altos or gargantuan bass saxophone beneath tenor or baritone. Germanic but far from manic, these two exhibit a patient, ego-free simpatico that offers joy to any sentient ear in the kingdoms of beast or firmament. Tintin Patrone (concept_drone trombone) TinTin Patrone is a German-Filipino composer, musician, actress, film and music producer as well as painter, performance artist and author. She frequently performs her own compositions, which feature much freedom of improvisation, on trombone and several electronic devices.

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