Sa, 07.03.2020, 19:00 Uhr

Wojtek Kurek [Warsaw] Tintin Patrone [HH] Maximilian Glass [Lpz]

Wojtek Kurek [Warsaw] Tintin Patrone [HH] Maximilian Glass [Lpz]

wojtek kurek / live - prepared snare drum Wojtek Kurek is a drummer, improviser, producer, author of installations and theater music. One year after his latest release Ovule on Pawlacz Perski Wojtek presents his new solo album Buoyancy with a live performance: Snare drum prepared in Max Msp - intense, deep organic structures which resembles multiplied field recordings. Tintin Patrone / live - trombone Tintin Patrone is a German-Filipino composer and sound-artist based in Hamburg, Germany. Her minimal sound work and long duration performances are essentially shaped by her studies in microtonality. The work moves gradually through a series of long, sustained tones played by trombone and various modulation devices. Maximilian Glass / live - electronics Maximilian Glass lives in Leipzig, where he organises events, publishes music of friends, does DJ-sets and started to create his own sound-based music. He’s part of Seanaps, a Leipzig-based festival and community for curious music. Besides that, he runs the label Daizy&Holy. Bitte FRÜH eintreten (auf Spendenbasis) Konzerte pünktlich DOORS um 7 Uhr LIVE ab 8 Uhr before & inbetween tapes & bier bar hurra ! thx VAMH Achtung: Im Anschluss ab 23 Uhr: Early-Hardcore/Frenchcore/Gabba/Hightech/Hardstyle auf 2 Floors (Die Tanzschule Hakke & Dawn of the Bauzaun)

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