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Online Musicking – Online Musicking - First Murder

The quijada, charrasca, or jawbone (in English), is an idiophone percussion instrument made from the jawbone of a donkey, horse or mule cattle, producing a powerful buzzing sound. The jawbone is cleaned of tissue and dried to make the teeth loose and act as a rattle. It is used in music in most of Latin America, including Mexico, Peru, El Salvador, Ecuador, and Cuba. It was also historically used in the early American Minstrel show. To play it, a musician holds one end in one hand and strikes the other with either a stick or their hand; this causes the teeth to rattle against the bone creating a loud, untuned sound, specific to this instrument. The stick can also be pulled along the teeth which act as a rasp. These ingredients provide the basis for a wide variety of combinations and rhythms. At the same time the object has completely different connotations, since in many depictions of medieval western art an animal’s jawbone is the weapon used by Cain to kill his brother in the fields. Sound: Tintin Patrone (electronics, Quijada de burro) Video: Tintin Patrone, Tim Huys 2020 Ein Projekt des Online Musicking Call Mai / Juni 2020 des Verbands für aktuelle Musik Hamburg.Gefördert von der Behörde für Kultur und Medien Hamburg. Hamburg thanks to the Ambassadors of Disappointment of Mexico and Pablo González