Fr, 11.06.2021, 20:00 Uhr

blurred edges – carnage 6

carnage 6

More serious, yet still melodic Björn Lücker: drums, percussion Carla Genchi: mezzosoprano, megaphon, electronics Hannes Wienert: sax, sheng, trompsax, piri, Wasser, Büffelhorn Tintin Patrone: trombone, electronics Wienert's infamous music quartet, known as carnage 6. "When you're feeling good about yourself, it's kind of fun to make a song with a high note," admits frontman Hannes Wienert. "It feels like having a real good time, and being happy, too." In the years since they started the band in 2004, carnage 6 has established themselves as one of the city's most exciting acts. After going to Europe together to record a song called "Avalanche", and a more serious, yet still melodic track called "Citizen Love". In 2007, the band moved to the U.S., playing shows with the New York based band Stumpf on the roof of a Brooklyn landmark for a few months, before returning to Europe a few months later. In 2010, carnage 6 released their most controversial album yet, and featured the original lead vocals of Carla Genchi.

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