Mi, 17.11.2021, 20:00 Uhr

studio sessions

studio sessions

Studio Sessions is a rehearsal room were guest come and play. Create symbols, tiny sounds, experiment in the space with low, disharmony and minimal interventions, leaving space for everyone to participate. For the Vol.1 Pablo Hannon and Glenn Cox from Belgium will come and performs for 20min. After a tiny break, they together with Maschin Kaput will also improvise noise experimental sounds. Then a second break For the last round, everyone: Pablo, Glenn, Maschin Kaput and public are invited to play together. 20x20x20 Is a growing sound in the sense of creating in a studio room with the aim of improvise freely while being together. Limit forum for 15 people. Please send your request to book a slot at 2G+TEST Pablo HannonOn his days off he lets the grass grow, plants the dishes and mows the dust off his couch. The day is now, and so Pablo works on his new atelier, a tiny 3 by 3 roof-hut that will limit his artistic practice in such a way it becomes on its own a new next research on art space. Other than that, a mentioning some of his art festivals like Beyonderground, Who:How and Everyone Loves Ice Cream leaves no doubt on what he desires to curate in Amsterdam. @pablohannon @theschoolhasselt @maisonflorida Glenn cox (born1998) multidisciplinary artist explores and creates image and sound, his work challenges the human consciousness andseeks out unprecedented boundaries  to depict expression. His own practice focuses on deeper interwoven emotions, returning to what is hidden deep inside, looking for clarification, looking for translation. tbX4, his virtual alias is more focused on machines and systems, acceleration, automation, a relationship between man and machine, looking for innovation, looking for collaboration. Maschin Kaput The experimental improvisational music of maschin kaputoscillates freely between a broken, belling rhythms of a desolatesteel-mill and the nearly indiscernible echo a under-oiled shopping cartbounces off the urban facades at night. A sonic therapy for theaesthetically tortured soul of the modern urban dweller. Magnolia (vocals) Yves Cruchut (drums) Wotwot (synth) David Huss (bass)

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Ort: Galerie 21 | Vorwerkstraße 21