So, 12.06.2022, 20:30 Uhr

blurred edges – General Humanity Lab 5: Earth Pulse / Future Eve

General Humanity Lab 5: Earth Pulse / Future Eve

Bianca Hein: video, text, voice, guitar Ingrid Hoelzl: text, voice, clarinet, percusscion Heloise Francesconi: electronics, composition, voice Remi Marie: camera, outer eye Sven Fischer: technical advice David Jhave Johnson: voice Earth Pulse (2022) is a sonic and performative meditation on the geo- acoustic phenomenon of the Schumann frequency and its impact on life on Earth. The film interweaves scientific fabulation, in-situ performance and electronic composition. Future Eve is a postfeminist band project formed in 2021 by Bianca Hein (D), Ingrid Hoelzl (D/FR) and Heloise Francesconi (FR). Emerging out of General Humanity’s performative practices Future Eve advocates the exis- tential openness of human life in the face of ever increasing biotechnolo- gical determinism. A cut-up of technoscience discourses diffracted with evolutionary anthropology and biopolitical philosophy merges into a multi- media performance including video imagery, spoken word, live improvisa- tion and electronic composition. A powerful, minimalist, in-your-face event conjoining art, science and punk. Unterstützt durch den DfdK. Film: 20.30; Performance: 21h.

Eintritt: frei
Ort: Hinterconti | Balduinstraße 24