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Simon Whetham and Gregory Büttner „Place is the Space…

Simon Whetham and Gregory Büttner „Place is the Space…

Nächste Woche sind wir mit drei durational Perfomances (im Zwischenraum von Konzert, Klanginstallation und Perfomance) beim Festival „betweenEbbandFlow: interstitial spaces“ dabei: Simon Whetham and Gregory Büttner „Place is the Space…“ , 2022 new strategies for a collaborative composition The project consists of three durational interventional performances: Tuesday 28th June between 15:00 and 19:00 Thursday 30 th June between 16:00 and 20:00 Saturday 2nd July between 15:00 and 21:00 PARKS, Bullerdeich 6, 20537 Hamburg For betweenEbbandFlow, the artists will make three exploratory durational sound performances in the place and space of the „Alter Recyclinghof“ where the two can communicate and respond to each other by sound but not always by sight. Indoor and outdoor spaces will be used, and combined. As both artists use the art of field recording in their practices as one way of exploring locations and situations, they will incorporate the sounds of the harbour and „Alter Recyclinghof“ site in the project. Traditionally these types of collaborations require at least some visual communication as well as sonic, so proposing to interact through only sound almost reverses the current trend of interaction imposed on us by the pandemic and lockdowns. For three days during Between Ebb and Flow: Interstitial Spaces the two artists will be in the same location, responding collaboratively with each each other, the materials and the space of the location, conversing with one another in non-visual, non-verbal ways, fully utilising the space. The interstitial space is essential to the project and the performers. The idea is inspired by marine activity such as sonar, radio transmission and boat horns – all non-visual ways of communicating and exploring at sea. betweenEbbandFlow: interstitial spaces Is an expanded exhibition that centres on the site of the harbour as a conceptual framework and main stage. Interconnected interventions both across the harbour and in off-spaces integrate landscape and subjectivity, rethinking local knowledge.

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Ort: PARKS! | Bullerdeich 6