Do, 15.09.2022, 19:30 Uhr

Tuktu and the Belugas Quartet + Maschin Kaput

Tuktu and the Belugas Quartet + Maschin Kaput

MASCHIN KAPUT + TUKTU & THE BELUGAS QUARTET On Thursday the 15th of September at Fabrique in Gängeviertel to the delight of all the noise-lover luddites and sound-entomologists, Maschin Kaput and Tuktu and the Belugas Quartet will gather their forces in a double live show of clattering cogs and crawling sounds with wings and antennas. MASCHIN KAPUT is an experimental improvisational band formed in Hamburg in 2018. Their music oscillates freely between a broken, belling rhythms of a desolate steel-mill and the nearly indiscernible echo a under-oiled shopping cart bounces off the urban facades at night: A sonic therapy for the aesthetically tortured soul of the modern urban dweller. A drumset assembled from found items and scrap metal, instruments running into self built electronic effects and devices, wild sounds in interaction – all of this emerges from the energy of the moment when maschin kaput comes together TUKTU & THE BELUGAS QUARTET is a beluga-mantra-rock band formed in Rome in 2017 composed of Andrea Rinaldi (electric guitar) and a Belugas Quartet (pedal effects). Their set consists of an electric guitar and 25 pedal effects, a little orchestra in which the crackle of fuzzes joins the underwater singing of the belugas. At Fabrique they will perform the live soundtrack for the documentary “Incredible Insects”, a documentary that hosts incredible insects as the Bombardier beetle that squirts a boiling hot liquid from its anus, the Assassin bug that turns its victims into soup, the Parasitic wasp that lays her eggs inside her victims until her youngs are ready to eat their way out, the Atlas moth with a wingspan of over 20 centimeters, the Hercules beetle that can carry 850 times its own weight, and the Amazonian Giant centipede – big enough to catch flying bats from midair. DOORS hh 19:30 MASCHIN KAPUT hh 20:00 TUKTU AND THE BELUGAS QUARTET hh 21:00 Free Entry Maschin Kaput Tuktu - Giant Centipede at Trenta Formiche, Rome Tuktu - Callistoctopus at Recherche Tuktu - Instagram

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Ort: Gängeviertel | Caffamacherreihe / Ecke Valentinskamp