Mi, 25.04.2007, 21:00 Uhr

h7-club mit Sôftìç (Kopenhagen)+ ivideo

Sôftìç (Kopenhagen) Anders Hjort Straarup - keyb., electr. Claus Højensgård - trumpet, git. Marc Lohr - drums, electr. Kevin Christensen - visuals ----i: Die Videos der Gruppe Sôftìç werden während des Konzerts auf die von Judith Haman transparent bemalte Fensterfläche projiziert, und sind damit für Clubbesucher und Passanten auf der großen Bergstraße zugleich sichtbar. About Sôftìç Sôftìç plays improvised music accompanied by improvised visuals. The music ranges from electronic noisescapes over free-jazz to what sounds like improvised classical music. The band is inspired by the impro-scenes in New York, Berlin and Tokyo, i.e. people like Paul Bley, Jimmy Guiffre, Ikue Mori, Keiji Haino, Burkhard Beins a.o. The visuals are created on a computer using home-made software with quick and intuitive controls that has an abundance of visual possibilities. Besides a lot of "manual" effects/manipulations, the dynamics in the music can control the picture directly using microphones. Live-video from cameras on stage can also be used. This allows for a closer dialog with the improvised music than could be accomplished by just playing videoclips in random order.

Ort: Blinzelbar