Mi, 19.04.2023, 20:00 Uhr

sonopol#25: Meat.Karaoke.Quality.Time. + Hye-Eun Kim

sonopol#25: Meat.Karaoke.Quality.Time. + Hye-Eun Kim

Meat.Karaoke.Quality.Time., established in 2018, created a unique mixture of electronic music, DJ-ing, post vapor wave and collective improvisation during intensive and deepening processes. The trio integrates sociological-futuristic oriented performances, artificial intelligence and augmented reality applications into their work and stands out in a rather monolithic way. Their digitally generated music is based on self-learning processes, continuously changing the technical and structural basis of their working methods. Florian Walter & Jan Klare: EWIs, Live Processing & Moog Synthesizers Karl-F. Degenhardt: Sensory Percussion & SPD-X π∆∞m∫ (AI*): Live Processing * π∆∞m∫ was developed in collaboration with Mike McCormick Live-Visuals: Anastasija Delidova Hye-Eun Kim, born 1992 in Berlin, graduated from the University of Fine Arts Hamburg. She combines her classical music training with free improvisation and repetatitive loops to create a spiritual synthesis in which harsh sounds collide with melodic motifs to explore the space between past, present and a possible future.

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Ort: Hörbar | Brigittenstr. 5