Fr, 19.05.2023, 20:30 Uhr

Frequenzgänge #97 - 3 Duos

Frequenzgänge #97 - 3 Duos

Drei Duos mit Korhan Erel – electronics Eliad Wagner – electronics Gunnar Lettow – el. bass, objects, electronics Only With You is an electronic music duo formed in Berlin in May 2021 by Eliad Wagner and Korhan Erel, both highly experienced performers in the field of experimental electronic music. We come together into this collaborative project in exploration of two core interests: a) the idea that technology is a place where meaning can be made and explored (rather than only a tool to express meaning) and b) an interest in observing and deconstructing various technologies and techniques, bound within famous cultural contexts, through our current state of mind, ideas, personal histories and intuition. We do this by interacting with the technologies in the process of performance and composition. Hamburg-based prepared bass and electronics player Gunnar Lettow and Korhan Erel met in Istanbul in 2011 to play a concert at Gram with tenor saxophonist Robert Reigle, Korhan’s bandmate from Islak Köpek. The two decided to pursue this collaboration further when they saw that Gunnar’s electro-acoustic sounds and Korhan’s electronically treated field recordings and found sounds creates an fascinating, abstract sound world.

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Ort: Frequenzgänge | Kl. Schäferkamp 46