Mi, 26.04.2023, 20:00 Uhr

BEEK w/ Bear Bones, Lay Low, Tintin Patrone, Phuong Dan

BEEK w/ Bear Bones, Lay Low, Tintin Patrone, Phuong Dan

Vibrating railroad tracks announce an approaching event of machinic and organic coproduction on Wednesday, 4/26. The artist Bear Bones, Lay Low from Belgium/Venezuela creates experimental psychedelic sounds by juxtaposing digital and analog sources. He uses repetitive melodies and rhythms in combination with dissonant sounds. The archaic meets the futuristic, the earthly meets the cosmic. Tintin Patrone is a German-Filipino composer, performance and sound artist. She works on the connection between music, art and experimental gesture. One focus of her creations lies on the visual elements of music, the tension between conceptual ideas and physical existence and how we relate to music individually and as a society. Phuong Dan works as a DJ and music curator. He will play a set with sounds from eclectic spheres of experimental music. Thank you for the support in curating this evening.

Ort: BEEK | Marschnerstraße 21