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J. Zunz, Sophia Lund

J. Zunz, Sophia Lund

ambient | electronic | pattern | music | psychedelic "With gently undulating rhythms and soft synth sounds, J. ZUNZ creates a vehicle to transport listeners to somewhere otherworldly, somewhere high above the clouds." Support: SOPHIA LUND Einlass: 19:30 Beginn: 20:30 Vorverkauf: 11€ (+ Gebühren + 1 ClubEuro Spende) Abendkasse: 15€ Ermäßigter Eintritt an der Abendkasse für Schüler*innen, Student*innen, Sozialhilfeempfänger*innen gegen Vorlage von Nachweisen: 10€ Tickets: ***** ***** ***** J. ZUNZ (Mexico, ROCKET RECORDINGS) "With gently undulating rhythms and soft synth sounds, J. Zunz creates a vehicle to transport listeners to somewhere otherworldly, somewhere high above the clouds." ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Since the turn of the decade, Lorena Quintanilla has made a name for herself as one half (guitarist/vocalist) of Guadalajara, Mexico’s Lorelle Meets The Obsolete, an incredible psych and shoegaze band with a reputation for exceptional live shows and a catalog of equally impressive albums to match. Since 2017 Quintanilla has also been focusing on her solo project, J. Zunz. a journey that continues with her third solo release, and her second for Rocket Recordings after 2020’s ‘Hibiscus’. Recorded in a vociferously windy area of Enseneda, Mexico, where Lorena spent a strict lockdown, ‘Del Aire’ exorcises the troubles she encountered during the period, in the process creating both what she describes as a “continuity and discontinuity” from ‘Hibiscus’, and extracting a similar, yet fresh strain of emotional complexity. With the atmospheric and natural theme of air at the heart of the creative process, Lorena has created an extraordinarily spacious work. The synths of ‘Lineal’ thrive on pulse-like repetition, gathering from a luscious sweeping panorama into a bruising orchestral crescendo. Elsewhere, as on ‘Del Aire’ the discordant-meets-melodic sonics dwell somewhere adjacent to Gazelle Twin. Both Lorena’s vocals and her distinctive crystalline avant aesthetic are writ large throughout the reverberations of ‘Cruce’ and ‘Horizonte’ as well as on the anxiety-rending exhortations closing the surreally meditative ‘Outsides’. Parts beautifully reflects organic instrumentation through Lorena’s electronic prism. ‘Ráfaga’, meanwhile, sees caustic drums enact glitchy, stop-start rhythms. Here, and on the hypnotic ‘Nina’, Lorena gilds the narcotic power of Miles Davis’s ‘On The Corner’ – with trumpet recorded by Freddie Murphy (Father Murphy) – into electronically contorted shapes. Through the mellifluous repetition, the cathartic buzzsaw moments and the elemental force of the album’s conceptual core, ‘Del Aire’ acts as an intimate echo chamber vicariously healing the listener’s wounds besides Lorena’s own. ***** Sophia Lund: Ich gestalte und organisiere Räume, Kostüme und Objekte für Geschichten und Performances im Zusammenhang von Filmproduktionen, Theaterprojekten, Kunstereignissen, Musik und Sozialer Interaktion. Ich arbeite mit Fieldrecording, schneide, komponiere und mische in Ableton. Meine Synthesizer sind der semimodulare analoge Behringer Neutron, der Soma Pulsar23 und der digitale Wavetable Synthesizer Waldorf Blofeld. Presets mag ich nur verschraubt gern. Es gesellen sich nach und nach ein Akkordeon, ein Theremin, eine Soundbox (das is so ein KontaktMikrodingen), der elektromagnetische Wellenfänger Soma Ether und der Wired Heart dazu. Ich möchte auch live tönen. Hab dies im letzten Sommer auf dem Art Off Hamburg Festival bei meiner The Return of the Hackfressen Perfomance schon mal getan.

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