Di, 30.05.2023, 13:00 Uhr

die ganze platte: Lucaslavia - Furnace/Marco

die ganze platte: Lucaslavia - Furnace/Marco

Das label schreibt etwas übertrieben: "Death Ambient: Lucaslavia operates on the outer rings of metal, melting its constituent elements into vicious torrents of covert fury. 'Furnace' resembles a field recording from the sixth circle of hell. Despite its deceptively calm initial form, ancient hatreds rage in violent currents just below the leaden surface. Disembodied voices range from whispered malediction to screams of utmost anger, stretched into purgatorial eternities. Gargantuan sonic fortification walls composed of drums, ripping sheets of distorted guitar, hissing residue of steel and stone blasted apart build threatening levels of intensity. The only deceptive respite comes from what appears to be the faint mechanical creaking emanating from the inexorable and towering installations found in the engine room of boundless pain." Kontakt:

Eintritt: live stream oder 93.00 mhz
Ort: FSK RADIO | Valentinskamp 34a (Zugang Speckstraße)