Fr, 22.09.2023, 20:00 Uhr

Alternate Reality (RED COLOR TRIO, Tam Phan w/ Hughes+Popple, Aural Accidentals)

Alternate Reality (RED COLOR TRIO, Tam Phan w/ Hughes+Popple, Aural Accidentals)

Alternate Reality I. a(non-) festival for cerebral liberation 1. Aural Accidentals Matthias Müller: trombone Paweł Doskocz: electric guitar Emilio Gordoa: snare drum, electronics Aural Accidentals is an ensemble exploring the depths of their subconcious sonic topography. A cascading mélange of influences, they incorporate sounds from a broad musical spectrum: electronic sounds drift among field recordings and found sound samples, burbling and hissing strange, otherworldly textures. 2. Tam Phan: đàn bầu John Hughes: double bass Chad Popple: drum set Tam Thi Pham is a Vietnamese multimedia composer and improviser whose works explore individuality in an attempt to connect with the surrounding social environment. Tam's adventurous approach to playing the đàn bầu seamlessly blend tradition and experimentation. Together with Popple and Hughes, the three individuals have found an escape route from the mundane reality of this plane to the microcosmos of the unknown. 3. Red Color Trio Edith Steyer : saxophone, clarinet Hada Benedikt : piano Isabel Rößler : double bass The Red Color Trio works with instrumental preparation and extended techniques to create uncommon sounds that are woven together, creating colorful soundscapes. The preparations are objects taken from day to day life which summon new meaning and provide a pathway toward new creativity. Benedito is the leader of the Sound Painting Orchestra Berlin, while Rösler and Steyer are active members of the experimental music scene in Berlin. Foto (Edith Steyer): Cristina Marx // Fotomusix Mit freundlicher Unterstützung vom Verband für aktuelle Musik Hamburg und der Behörde für Kultur und Medien Hamburg.

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