Sa, 20.04.2024, 21:00 Uhr

BEEK w/ Kakuhan, PLF, Laura Not

BEEK w/ Kakuhan, PLF, Laura Not

BEEK gathers two international bands on its concrete floor. They share a perceived sentiment of synthetic sequences, which becomes uncalculatedly disrupted. 21:00 Laura Not (DJ) 22:00 Kakuhan (Live) 23:00 PLF (Live) 24:00 Laura Not (DJ) Kakuhan This fluctuating duo, consisting of Koshiro Hino and Yuki Nakagawa, formed Kakuhan in 2022. Their formation gently tills the fields that emerge when a defined focus on synthetic and amplified analog sounds develops. The word "Kakuhan" in Japanese means 'stirring' of various different elements. It perfectly describes the duo's musical approach, highlighting how they have stirred the boundaries between 'electronic/string,' 'contemporary/club music,' 'traditional/contemporary,' 'physical/metaphysical,' and 'composition/improvisation.' The release of "Metal Zone" in 2022 reminds us of wave construction and collapsing—ephemeral harshness with outlines defined by strings. PLF PLF is a stable triangle formed by Elvin Brandhi, Lukas König and Peter Kutin. All three have a long history in various impromptu scenes that make the akronym based Band an intensive encounter. Kutin blasts through with DIY light-show beasts alongside a variety of synthesizers, while König’s expertise in percussion and electronics crafts a hypnotic rhythm. Elvin Brandhi’s raw and synthezised vocals contributions bring a distinctive layer to their sound. expect a performance they discribe theselfs as - all from scratch without back-ups or the usual safety net. Laura Not Laura Not, an artist who gathers materials and through formations forges new vistas—her various shows, like (x)=musik on Lyl Radio, feel like this too. Gathered and woven, tuned with an attentive ear to the mundane and the eerie—search with us and listen to Laura Not. Supported by Musikfonds.

Ort: BEEK | Marschnerstraße 21