Mi, 17.04.2024, 19:00 Uhr

Post-residency presentation: Fredrik Mathias Josefson / “Above a Sea of Fog”

Post-residency presentation: Fredrik Mathias Josefson / “Above a Sea of Fog”

The ligeti center is delighted to present Fredrik Mathias Josefson, the very first artist to participate in our newly established “Artists and Scientists in Residence” program, on April 17th at 19:00 in the center's Production Lab. He will premiere a spatial audio composition, “Above a Sea of Fog,” as the resulting artistic expression of his two-month residency. The electroacoustic composition delves into the essence of spatiality as a cornerstone of sonic expression and employs three distinct methodologies — recording, constructing, and the notion of “negative space” — to weave a soundscape defining the piece. In addition to the auditory experience, Josefson will provide insights into his creative processes, reflections on the spatial audio and the methodologies, and his work at the ligeti center. He will reflect on his auditory journey and discuss the inspirations, challenges, and revelations that have shaped “Above a Sea of Fog” specifically, as well as his artistic trajectory generally. This event does not only mark the inauguration of our “Artists and Scientists in Residence” program, but also showcases our brand-new spatial audio system, built at the Production Lab by Jonathan Hammoor, Jacob Sello, and the team of the ligeti center. Fredrik Mathias Josefson holds a Master’s Degree in Electroacoustic Composition from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, a Master of Fine Arts from the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm, and a Master of Science from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. He is a member of Föreningen svenska tonsättare (FST), a member of Konstnärernas Riksorganisation (KRO), a member of Fylkingen and active at Elektronmusikstudion (EMS). For several years, Josefson has been involved in the international experimental and electroacoustic music scenes, with over thirty album releases and over one hundred concerts. The “Production Lab” is the heart of the ligeti center, serving as both a presentation venue and an open production space for cutting-edge artistic and technological endeavors as well as creative exploration. The philosophy of bringing together expertise from the realms of art, science, and technology is fully embodied in the “Production Lab”: from immersive spatial audio to haptics, from cyber instruments to music therapy, and more, it is designed as a hub for interaction and collaboration, a place for crafting imaginative technological solutions while simultaneously prompting critical discourse. As a fully equipped studio space, “Production Lab” provides creators with a range of options for immersive sound production and performance, including possible motion capture technologies, VR/XR solutions, and finally, a free space for creative thinking and experimentation. Photo credits: Jasmin Gritzka

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