Sa, 13.07.2024, 22:00 Uhr

BEEK w/ N:in, Klotz aka Krupuk381, Talpah, .PK., Ters

BEEK w/ N:in, Klotz aka Krupuk381, Talpah, .PK., Ters

Saturday 13.07.24 22 N:in (dj) 24 Klotz aka Krupuk381 (live) 01 Talpah (live) 02 .PK. (dj) 04 Ters (dj) Two days in a row this time 🔥 Beginning with three sharply focussing performances on Friday and culminating in a staggering night out dancing on Saturday. This clubnight is climaxing across gritty walls of high amplitude and accelerating drum patterns, reverberating the most solid footing. A scenery of stroboscopic beats and harsh lighting for sonic extasy. Most tempos available, genres repelled, party hard! The Berlin-based experimental musician Manuel Klotz oscillates between ear-splitting feedback noise, breaks, and drones. His penchant for challenging soundscapes is evident, with a relentless exploration of bearable acoustic boundaries. He studied sound art in Braunschweig under Ulrich Eller and has been part of the (un)musical underground for over a decade. In addition to his sound experiments, he runs the small cassette label Loft Editions and is also active as a photographic artist. For his performance, he will mix the industrial sound from his project "Klotz" with the break noise of his other project "Krupuk381". .PK.’s mixing is an exploratory aural satori whose aim is to present a story obsessed with incompatible sounds. Born into the realm of ‘99, the enigmatic Talpah has intricately woven sonic experiences, saturating auditory explorations through platforms like CLAM, Opal Tapes, Never Sleep and Hundebiss. His sonic signature, characterized by glitches and intricate rhythms, embarks on a captivating deconstruction of conventional rhythms, each fracture and fusion executed with meticulous artistry. Talpah’s collaborative practice, featuring co-creations with Ciro Vitiello, Deepho or most recently Lord Spikeheart, shapes a multifaceted universe. This realm oscillates between epochs of psychedelic intensity and moments of weightless ambient infusions, crafting a sonic landscape that both captivates and mystifies. N:in has always been attracted to dystopian sounds and unusual rhythms. Sometimes more on the soft side, sometimes completely distorted, she likes to explore different genres and connect them through sounddesign or harsh contrasts. Mainly inspired by modern, Dupstep influenced Club-, deconstructed and experimental approaches, N:in is in the midst of a journey towards defining her very own language. The lighting includes flashes and strobing. An awareness team will be present throughout the entire night. BEEK Marschnerstraße 21 22081 Hamburg

Ort: BEEK | Marschnerstraße 21