Sa, 27.10.2007, 21:00 Uhr

h7-club mit Heddy Boubaker / Hermann Müntzingu.a.

Heddy Boubaker, saxofon (Toulouse) Birgit Ulher, trompete Heiner Metzger, soundtable + Gunnar Lettow, e-bass, effekte Hermann Müntzing (sweden), flexichord -----------------------------------------------Hermann Müntzing / Born in Stockholm, Sweden 1964. In the late eighties, after graduation from Royal Academy of Music, I had some years playing electric bass in several bands, all into rather straight jazz/rock. My first encounter with free improvised music, the Swedish trio GUSH, made a huge impact on me, I was stunned! After experimenting a lot on my bass with different kinds of preparation, I soon felt a need for a new instrument that allowed me to produce the kind of sounds that I was looking for. That made me create the flexichord; a 12-stringed electric guitarlike instrument. . -------- Born in 1963 in Marseille (France) a nice Sunday of March at siesta time, influenced by the Mediterranean sea and the Mistral wind, Heddy Boubaker has played music and experimented with sounds since 1977, starting with electric guitar in a mainly rock/punk style. He's now playing improvised music with his alto saxophone in an indescribable style, in which we are always able to hear the sea and the wind among many other ... things. Actively participated to organisation of Zieu-M-Zic festival in 2003 and 2004. Participate to numerous projects and never stop to do many artistic meetings. He also live in, with his familly, and manages the improvised music venue "la maison peinte" near Toulouse. Active member of IREA association and of SonoFages collective.

Ort: Blinzelbar