Sa, 07.07.2007, 21:00 Uhr

h7-club für improvisierte musik mit diego chamy (isr./arg.) - heiner metzger

mit:Diego Chamy - perc., dance Heiner Metzger - reeds,piano, electr. ------i:Diego Chamy is a musician. His most influential teachers were Annabel Lee Teles (philosophy), Roberto Césari (technique and sound), Guillermo Massuti (expression) and the musicians next to who he has developed his career. He is also influenced by Gilles Deleuze´s writings and films by Jean-Luc Godard, Alain Robbe-Grillet and Jean-Marie Straub.He began as jazz drummer, but very soon, since 1998, he interested in the most radical expressions within that music. This makes him gradually modify his instrument and his techniques, glimpsing a direct channel towards dynamic sonorous flows that will allow him to a more purer time experience and presentation. For many years he has then dedicated to free improvisation, investigating and creating musical pieces in this way, making focus in the consolidation of certain consistent movement that he considers essential within a music where form does not precede the projection of the sound. He develops this work in solo and related to many other improvisers, not only musicians but also visual artists and dancers.

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