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Die Konzerteemiter (Gdansk, Poland)solo project by Marcin Dymiter (electronics, guitar, generator, loops, tape) who previously was playing in such bands as: ewa braun, Mapa, Mordy. He cooperated with musicians who were engaged with jazz, electronics and avant-garde: Paul Wirkus, Rosa Arruti, Le Quan Ninh, John Butcher, Axel Dorner, Andrew Sharpley.He cooperated and composed for off's theaters, he plays on live to silent films and cooperates with visual artists. Marcin Dymiter is also a musical producent. He playedin many countries in Europe. As emiter he published eight CDs. Together with Krzysztof Topolski create emiter.arszyn project. He experiments with sounds, tones transformation which accompany our life, he searches the inspirations in world around us. He believes that music is everywhere.Composing it is a never ending process.> for more information:>>;>; miniscule free-noise hissy-fits and broken instrument scrapes/ squeals by Giant Tank head-honcho Ali Robertson and his luddite twin Malcy Duff.Ali has released a pile of remedial free/weird/out UK junk on his label and Malcy is widely regarded as \"Scotland\'s greatest underground cartoonist.\" no shit.together and alone they have jammed with players from Nmperign, Birds Of Delay, Decaer Pinga/ Prick Decay and more.more at:

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