Fr, 30.11.2007, 21:00 Uhr

Unüberhörbar - Kim Nasung / Gilles Aubry

Dress und Kim_Nasung (Polen) Kim Nasung Exploring world inside the closet,Fog asking questions, rain bringing answers...A combination of noise and musique concrete,sonic experiments, explorations of any kind of music sources... An artist exploring the fields of the experimental music, noise, musique concrete and field recordings;Cooperating with IHM Records and Lona Records,is one of the foundators of the Mind Twisting Records.At present, active on the local Lublin experimental music’ scene. Among others, he performed with Zavoloka ( UKR ), Emiter ( PL ),XVP ( PL ), Thaw ( PL ), An on bast ( PL ), Jacaszek ( PL ), Fenschu ( FR ),Hati (PL), Arszyn (PL), Wolfram (PL), Patryk Zakrocki (PL).The artists with whom he coopereates come from all over the world:Denmark, Belgium, Mexico, Chile, Hong Kong etc. Dressis a founder and the main initiator of IHM records.The creator and the main manager of Centrala Club in Lublin.Thanks to him Lublin was visited by following artists Zbigniew Karkowski,Dikson Dee, swedish duet Agape, Arszyn, Wolfram, Komora A,Emiter etc. The listeners of his music variations can experience and notice not only hisspecific approach but also thoughtfull and full of order structures, whichare attracting listeners attention with precision and caring about sophisticated details.He loves everything diverted, dirty and in all frequencies... Gilles Aubry (Schweiz/Berlin) The swiss sound artist & computer musican based in Berlin since 2002.In his sound work he uses field recordings, improvisation and generative techniques to create environmental compositions at the border of space representation an musical abstraction.

Ort: Hörbar | Brigittenstr. 5