blurred edges

Do, 15.06.2017, 20:00 Uhr

blurred edges - Panaudastic Phasing

Bild zu Panaudastic Phasing

Verteilt im Bauch des Schiffes

Nicolas Wiese: electronics
Katt Hernandez: violin, electronics
Uygur Vural: cello
Dirk Dhonau: percussion
Chad Popple: percussion
John Hughes: double bass

Panaudastic phasing is a site-specific, collective composition and sonic installation for string trio, percussion, and electronics. The performers will be interspersed throughout the MS Stubnitz, shifting in proximity to the audience and to one another.

Eintritt: 10.- / 5.-
Ort: MS Stubnitz | Kirchenpauerkai 26

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