blurred edges

Di, 04.06.2019, 20:00 Uhr

blurred edges - Two improvising duos

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Fragile and polyrhythmical networks

uon duh: Konstantin Bessonov: Drums, Percussion, Electronics Simon Roessler: Electric Piano, Organ, Synthesizers

Sound comes first, the music unfolds from within. Like a castle of sand falling apart. The two Hamburg based musicians Konstantin Bessonov and Simon Roessler improvise fragile rhythms over expressive melodies that might end any time. A soft and steady repetition of future beliefs.

Louise Vind Nielsen & René Huthwelker

Louise Vind Nielsen is a danish Hamburg-based conceptual sound, perfor- mance and visual artist as well as a composer. For her musical composi- tions the psychophysical effects of minimalism, harsh noise and repetitive patterns are central, including analog synthesizer, sequencing, voice, samples, tapes and contact mics on various materials.

René Huthwelker is a member of the Hamburg based polymedial artist collective „Niedervolthoudini“. His solo performances emphasize minima- listic repetitions that are created by analogue-synthetic loops of feedback. Making use of polyrhythmic networks he builds these spheres to intensively pulsating structures.

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Ort: Künstlerhaus FAKTOR | Max-Brauer-Allee 229

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