blurred edges

Do, 13.06.2019, 18:00 Uhr

blurred edges - On the other side of the reflection

Bild zu On the other side of the reflection

Interplay of movement and sound

Tam Pham: dàn bâu
Goran Lazarevic: accordion

Mirari Project is the brand-new collaboration between the Vietnamese composer, multi-instrumentalist and performing artist Tam Pham and the Serbian composer and accordionist Goran Lazarevic. This concert/ performance explores the meanings of reciprocity, feedback and reflection through the interplay of movement and sound. The timbres of dàn bâu, accordion and objects communicate with the existing environmental noises, blurring the lines between in-side and out-side.

Eintritt: Spende
Ort: BAUSTELLEeins | Arnoldstr. 1

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