blurred edges

Fr, 14.06.2019, 20:00 Uhr

blurred edges - multiphonics

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Exploring Fragmentation

Matthias Müller: trombone

Andrew Raffo Dewar: soprano saxophone
John Hughes: double bass
Chad Popple: percussion

Matthias Müller‘s playing is characterized by an extraordinary range of unconventional and self-developed techniques which stretch the boundaries of sound and improvisation while staying true to the musical process. In addition to being a member of the 24-piece improvising ensemble, “Splitter Orchester“ he plays with internationally recognized improvisers such as John Edwards, Mark Sanders, George Lewis, Axel Dörner, Tobias Delius, Olaf Rupp, and Sofia Jernberg.

Andrew Raffo Dewar‘s work has been performed or installed throughout North America, Southeast Asia, and Europe. He appears on nearly two dozen recordings, and has studied and/or worked with experimental music innova- tors Anthony Braxton, Bill Dixon, Steve Lacy and Alvin Lucier. Dewar and his trio will premiere a new set of compositions that build on his 2015 suite “Reflejo,” which explored fragmentation, reflections, and refrac- tions of simple thematic material via an aesthetic inspired by the experi- mental “chamber jazz” of Jimmy Giuffre's early 1960s trio.

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Ort: Werkhaus Münzviertel, Rosenallee 11

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