blurred edges

So, 18.10.2020, 16:00 Uhr

blurred edges - Panaudastic Phasing II

Bild zu Panaudastic Phasing II

Site-specific sonic installation

Felix Mayer: trombone
Pedro González Fernández: violin
Christoph Funabashi: guitar
Kris Kuldkepp: double bass
John Hughes: double bass
Trinidad Martinez: movement
Stefanie T?binger: movement
Ingo Reulecke: movement

Panaudastic Phasing II is a site-specific, collective composition and choreography; a sonic installation for instrumentalists exploring microscopic sounds in a reverberant cement staircase of the Viktoria Kaserne, and their relationship to movement in a space not designated for dance. The performers will be interspersed within the central eastern staircase, shifting in proximity to the audience and to one another.

Eintritt: frei
Ort: Viktoria Kaserne Altona Treppenhaus Mittel-Ost, Ze

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