blurred edges

Mo, 31.05.2021, 20:00 Uhr

blurred edges - collective spawn

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Improvisers' creative appetite

Lola Mlacnik - percussion
Yves Arques - objects, electronics
Jana de Troyer – saxophones
Chi Him Chik – saxophones
Pedro González Fernández – violin
Aziz Lewandowski – cello
Sascha Brosamer – turntables
Felix Mayer – trombone
Kris Kuldkepp – double bass

COLLECTIVE SPAWN is a space for possibilities, for discussions, for freedom, for responsibility. It embodies the creative actions which may or may not happen when a collection of improvisers meet, when the ‘creative appetite meets the musician'. The space disappears and fulfils, moves and stops, leaves or stays, is fluid and the opposite and everything in between that appears when it seems right or necessary. COLLECTIVE SPAWN brings together eight musicians who play together in different constellations for several years already. For four days they deal with the subject of group improvisation. COLLECTIVE SPAWN is an experiment, taking place under the cold light of the lab but it is also the reality that we live in, enjoy and feel the warmth.

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